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Who saw that ending coming??? Well, apparently, some did, but not me. I must be extremely dense. I'm . . . torn. A lot of these storylines just felt like Amy Sherman-Palladino was repeating herself, and this one does too. And I would have liked to see Rory learn something from her mother's mistakes.

But I guess we dodged a bullet, because holy heck, what if season 7 had ended that way?? WHOLE different ballgame.

Okay, wildly unpopular opinion coming. Brace yourself. I think perhaps Rory should've just married Logan when he asked. Obviously, there were still strong unresolved feelings on both sides. They practically had a marriage going for a while there anyway, and it clearly hurt them both badly to break it off. And the reason Rory broke it off was for the sake of her brilliant career, and we saw how THAT turned out -- or didn't turn out. She wouldn't have missed much. (Sure, she wanted to travel . . . but now she's traveling just to see, guess who, Logan!) I think they could have helped each other grow, instead of regressing like they both did by seeing each other illicitly, and now she would be in a good stable place for her major life event. So yeah, on the whole, I think marriage would have been preferable to this. People on IMDb and elsewhere would probably fight me to the death over such a statement, but this is my LJ and I can say what I want, so there. :-)

(One more wildly unpopular opinion: I liked seeing the Life and Death Brigade again, even though that one scene was really odd and dream-sequency.)

I'm glad they left her love life up in the air again, anyway. But -- again with the repetition -- it looked like they were heading in the Logan = Christopher and Jess = Luke direction. Which makes me sincerely hope we never get a second sequel. All that romantic drama sounds too exhausting.

I did like the Christopher scene and the way it cleverly set up the ending. (And yet I STILL did not see the ending coming. Stupid, stupid, stupid!) And hopefully Rory learned something from THAT scene, anyway. It seemed like she was wishing her father had been more of a presence.

That's all for now -- except that Emily was awesome and Lorelai's story about Richard was awesome and oh, Richard, how I miss you. :-( I'm glad they honored you so well.

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