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The results are posted here, along with reprints of all the poems. Thanks so much to all who entered. Your work was wonderful and I enjoyed reading it! Who knew Scrooge was so inspiring? :-)
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You have till tomorrow night to enter the Christmas Carol poetry contest. We've had a grand total of zero entries so far. I really hope someone gives it a try, because that beautiful Barnes & Noble Leatherbound edition of the Carol is sitting on my guest room bed just longing for a home to go to . . .
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For the creative writers around here, we're having a little poetry contest over at Dickensblog. Go here for all the details!

Book meme

Feb. 13th, 2013 08:46 am
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I got this from a message board, and modified it a bit. The idea is simple: Suppose that for some reason you had to pare your library down to 25 single volumes, plus 1 series. You're allowed to read other books, but these 25 (plus 1) are the only books you're allowed to keep or to reread.

(The original meme said 20 books plus 1 series, but that would be inhuman. I think there's something in the Geneva Convention about it.)

You can put the series anywhere in your list, but mark it with an asterisk.

Here are mine . . .

The indispensables )
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Dear Signet Classics: "Marley was dead, to begin with" has a period at the end. Not a comma. A period.

I can live with the colon being replaced with a comma, but that period is going to bug me.
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You got me watching Doctor Who. Well, you and Charles Dickens, because the first episode I watched was the Christmas special, to see how they handled "A Christmas Carol." But when half my f-list is constantly in raptures over the same show, it's probably a safe bet that I'm going to tune in eventually. So now I'm watching the new episodes as well.

Let us hope that my f-list never collectively decides to go jump off a bridge, because . . . well, you know. :-)

Anyway, thanks to all you've written about the show, I picked up on things fairly well. So good job, guys. You can be proud!

Oh, and by the way, I totally called . . . SPOILER ALERT )
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I've got a review of the Christmas Carol episode here. Thanks to [ profile] tempestsarekind for helping me with it!
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I've been tracking the upcoming Christmas Carol-themed special for Dickensblog, and I have to say, this trailer looks pretty cool.

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My review of A Christmas Carol is up. By and large, it's a very approving one.


Sep. 25th, 2009 01:30 pm
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(Cross-posted at Dickensblog)

Check out this amazing Christmas Carol cast coming to the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore: F. Murray Abraham (impressive!), Stockard Channing (haven't seen her in much, but she's supposed to be impressive), Timothy Hutton (loved him in Nero Wolfe Mysteries), Wayne Knight (meh -- I was never a Seinfeld watcher), George Wendt (Norm!), and . . . "James Garner as Dickens"! SQUEE! I adore James Garner. I am SO going to this. I don't even know whether he can do a British accent, but who cares? I wouldn't mind if he did it with a Texas accent (well, not much). Garner as Dickens -- wow. That just makes my life.


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