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My favorite band split up. (Hannah, the lead singer, left -- and judging by the fact that they don't even mention her name in the release, it doesn't sound very amicable.)

Guess I might as well go crawl back in bed now.
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I've taken my own sweet time getting to this, haven't I? I don't know what it is, but I've been a little behind on everything, ever since Christmas break. I think my brain stayed on vacation without me.

Anyway -- for the new folks, here are the 2011, 2010, and 2009 lists. (It's taken me how many years to actually make a tag for this? Maybe I've been behind for longer than I thought.) Same rules as last year: Where I couldn't choose between two of an act's songs, I put them in as ties. This year, for the first time, we have an unprecedented three-way tie. What can I say, Rascal Flatts had a really good year!

(Also, wow, do we need more women in country music.)

So here we go, from #20 up to #1:

20. Fly Over States, Jason Aldean
19. Hard to Love, Lee Brice
18. Somebody's Heartbreak, Hunter Hayes
17. You Go Your Way, Alan Jackson
16. Even If It Breaks Your Heart, Eli Young Band
15. Better than I Used to Be, Tim McGraw
14. The One That Got Away, Jake Owen
13. For You, Keith Urban
12. Tornado, Little Big Town
11. Why Ya Wanna, Jana Kramer
10. Did It for the Girl, Greg Bates
9. Lovin' You Is Fun, Easton Corbin
(tie) Changed
6.   Come Wake Me Up, Rascal Flatts
(tie) Postcard from Paris
4.    Better Dig Two, The Band Perry
3. Too Good to Be True, Edens Edge
2. I Can Take It from There, Chris Young
1. Find Me a Baby, Josh Turner


Better in a Black Dress, Katie Armiger
Sound of a Million Dreams, David Nail

Honorable Mention: Pistol Annies were going to release Takin' Pills as a single, but for some reason it never happened. However, they would have made the list if they had. So here's their video for the song.

And there always manages to be a song that my dad and I claim as our special song for the year. This year's is Banjo by Rascal Flatts ('cause Dad plays the banjo!).
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Man, it's like they made that episode of Nashville just for me! Chris Young was on!


And Edens Edge was playing in the background again! It just bowls me over that there's a show where I can actually hear my favorite band. That sort of thing NEVER happens to me -- not until now!

And aside from all that, it was just a very, very good episode. This show has really hit its stride.


Jun. 13th, 2012 11:52 am
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I waxed so enthusiastic about the new Edens Edge album on Facebook that one of my FB friends bought it based solely on my recommendation. I believe he's one of the stricter Christians at our church. Now, thanks to me, he owns an album that has one song called "Skinny Dippin'" and another called "Who Am I Drinking Tonight?"

I really must learn to tone down the enthusiasm.

(Wonder if I should warn him not to play it with the kids in the car?)
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Could they get any more gorgeous?? Whoever dresses them for their photo shoots is a freaking genius. Never mind the music, I could just sit and look them all day.

Although the music is pretty darned awesome, so maybe that's going just a bit too far. I may or may not have dialed and redialed for a solid half-hour last Friday, trying to get through and vote for their new single to win that night's song competition on WMZQ. (Never got through, but thankfully they won anyway!)
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For those of you who are new here, I do this every year. (Here are the 2010 and 2009 lists.) These are all songs that were released to radio last year. And for the first time, I have a couple of ties in there. I usually stick to a one-song-per-artist rule, but in this case, there were two bands that each released two singles that I just couldn't choose between! So I put them in as ties.

Where there are official music videos, I put in links to them; where there aren't, I used the best recorded or live performance I could find. Videos 20 and 18 might be considered PG-13 for skimpy clothing, and 9 for language (one unladylike word toward the end of the video).

So here we go!

20. "Barefoot Blue Jean Night," Jake Owen
19. "My Heart Can't Tell You No," Sara Evans
18. "Long Way to Go," Alan Jackson
17. "Hell on Heels," Pistol Annies
16. "Tough," Kellie Pickler
15. "Love Don't Run," Steve Holy
(tie) "You Lie," The Band Perry
13. "All Your Life," The Band Perry
12. "The Reason Why," Little Big Town
11. "Mean," Taylor Swift
10. "Let Me Go," Christian Kane
9. "Look It Up," Ashton Shepherd
8. "Somewhere Else," Toby Keith
7. "Here for a Good Time," George Strait
6. "Storm Warning," Hunter Hayes
5. "Love Done Gone," Billy Currington
4. "You," Chris Young
(tie) "I Won't Let Go," Rascal Flatts
2. "Easy," Rascal Flatts with Natasha Bedingfield
1. "Amen," Edens Edge
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I saw Edens Edge perform live for the first time, tonight at a dive in Maryland. I didn't realize quite how dive-y it was; in fact, I'm now reconsidering my decision to go see Chris Young there in November. (If I had someone to go with me I might, but as it is, I think I'll wait for him to come somewhere a little nicer! And closer, as it's quite a trek over there.)

Still, dive or no dive, it was amazing to see them in person. Hannah Blaylock, their lead singer, is a little powerhouse -- can't be much more than four feet tall in her (very) high heels, but when she walks out onto a stage, she owns it. Enough voice and personality and energy to fill a football stadium, never mind a small dive. I don't mean to overdo the hyperbole, but this girl very clearly has "it" -- that thing that makes a star, whatever you want to call it. It hits you the second you see her. As for the instrumentalists, Cherrill Green and Dean Berner, they were wonderful, and obviously having a blast. This group is going places; they know how to have fun, and boy, do they know how to perform. In fact, they've just started a gig opening for Reba -- a concert I'd love to see, but alas, it's not coming here.

[ profile] mosinging1986, you'll appreciate this -- Hannah was chatting with the crowd about jobs that she and the others had had in Nashville while working towards their big break. And one of her jobs was being a nanny! (With all that energy, I'll bet she wore the kids out.) One day she'd just put the kids down for a nap when Dean called up saying that he was in a songwriting session, and he and the others wanted to write her a new song. So they put her on speakerphone and she told them stories about her childhood, and they wrote a song about those memories. :-) Good times.

Got a few pictures below the cut!

Right this way . . . )
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Edens Edge singing "Christ Alone" at CMA Music Festival this weekend. Aside from making beautiful music, I think they really are the best-looking band around right now. :-) That's totally frivolous, but seriously, there is something very striking about them, especially Hannah (the brunette). I think she's one of those people who could stand in the middle of a huge crowd, and your eye would always go straight to her. (If you could find her, because she's short like me!) Picture from CMT, via Twitter.

Owly Images
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First they released an EP, and now they've released their first video! (Let's see if it'll embed. . . . Oh good, looks like it did!)

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When I fall for a singer or a band, I tend to fall fast and hard. So it was with Eden's Edge -- Edens Edge? I think they prefer the latter. (Country singers and their punctuation.) Anyway, the first time I heard "Amen" on the radio, I was hooked.

You only get to hear the song in bits and pieces here, but you get a nice feel for the band. Their music video isn't out yet, but it should be soon. When it is, I'll post it.

Oh, and by the way -- I REALLY want Hannah's white dress, even though I'd never look nearly that adorable in it.


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