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Has anyone done a mashup of Jack the Giant Slayer and The Hobbit yet? Because if not, someone really, really needs to.

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We're long overdue for some good old movie trailer snarking. Fortunately, we have here God's gift to snarkers: over-the-top fight scenes and CGI, anachronistically dressed classic characters speaking modern American slang, and a fairy tale done over as a bad episode of CSI: Germany, all wrapped up in one deliciously snarkable package. Have fun!

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It's not a trailer, but I'd say it's pretty darn snarkable anyway -- so have at it!

ETA: Just found and added another one. They're like potato chips: You can't snark just one.

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We haven't done a good movie trailer snark in a LONG time. Thanks to [ profile] jenny_wildcat for giving me the idea to start again, with that mainstay of the snarking community: Twilight. Specifically, Breaking Dawn, Part 2: Thank God This Is the Last One.

First thought: Somewhere, Anakin Skywalker is silently thanking Edward Cullen for coming up with a dumber come-on line than "I don't like sand."

Second thought: Bambi! NOOOOOOO!

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This one requires two trailers. The first one has more general awfulness, but the second one has that can't-miss last shot of Milla Jovovich going all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Which is of course the first thing I think of when I think of The Three Musketeers, don't you?

And, yes, I'll be going to see it. Honestly, Matthew Macfadyen, the things I do for you.
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[ profile] msantimacassar has most obligingly sent along some more snarking material: the fuller trailer for W.E. (And I do mean fuller. Hey Madonna, the trailer's not supposed to be movie-length itself!)

Still no sign of Bertie or Elizabeth that I can see. Wise choice. When you're trying to pretend that your lead characters are brave and heroic, you don't want to show the supporting characters who were being really brave and heroic. People might get mixed up.

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Here we have the trailer to the fourth Underworld film. Because when critics and audiences alike dump all over a film, it really means that they want you making sequels into eternity.

Oh, Charles Dance . . . you must have REALLY needed a paycheck.
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[ profile] sonneta is getting into the movie snarking game. She's got a deliciously terrible trailer for Anonymous, Roland Emmerich's rehash of Shakespeare's life and times (emphasis on "hash"). The entry's locked, but if you're on her f-list, go forth and snark!
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Here we have Leo DiCaprio as the mommy-fixated title character of J. Edgar. Dudes, face it, you cannot make Leo DiCaprio look old. It's not humanly possible. You could put ninety pounds of gray hair and wrinkles on him and it still wouldn't do the trick. He's the Dorian Gray of our generation.

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Fellow snarkers, I give you the new Breaking Dawn trailer. You're welcome.

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Since a number of us here expressed a desire to some movie snarking, I present to you two recently released clips from W.E., for your snarking pleasure.

Lord knows, they're asking for it.


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