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Looks like Person of Interest is going to be canceled. I tweeted a couple of tweets blaming the writers' obsession with Root and Shaw for dragging down the show and the ratings. Seriously, I don't know one person IRL who's the least bit interested in them, but thanks to a small but rabid subset of online fans, that's all the writers and the promo people want to talk about anymore.

Note the use of the word "rabid." Let me tell you something -- fans of certain TV characters get vicious when you say you don't like those characters. I mean VICIOUS. It's kind of scary. I know the pleasures (and pains) of fandom as well as the next person, but some of these fans seem to lose sight of the line between fiction and reality.
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As I said before, I hate to say "I told you so" . . .

. . . but I TOLD YOU SO.
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TV is supposed to be comfort food. That's my philosophy. I don't go for all this "It's supposed to break you in pieces and rip your heart out" stuff; I want my nice soothing mug of hot chocolate, metaphorically speaking.

So it's too bad my shows are all getting gloomy and dark and depressing, not to mention badly written. Person of Interest had one stellar episode when Carter came back as a guardian angel/ghost/hallucination/whatever, then reverted back to the soulless crap we've been getting for most of season 4 (with a dose of torture porn thrown in). Juliette's storyline on Nashville has gotten horrible -- I've heard they're heading towards a diagnosis of postpartum depression, but apparently they don't know how to write "depressed new mother" and went for "raging Godzilla terrorizing the citzenry for miles around" instead. They threw away all her character development and made her way more over-the-top than she's ever been. I just know they're going to break up her marriage, just as I was starting to really get into it.

At least the political storyline on The Good Wife has been good for some wry chuckles. I know a lot of people hate it, but it offered such a healthy dose of realism I couldn't help enjoying it, in a cynical way. It was just adorable of Alicia to think she actually might get fairness or loyalty or decency from a gang of Chicago politicians!

But other than that, TV, you are seriously letting me down.
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So it seems that Person of Interest's ratings are dropping like a rock.


Hey, POI writers, why don't you kill off a beloved character, and start shoving a smug arrogant homicidal psychopath with a perma-smirk at us week after week after week, because clearly that'll work REALLY REALLY WELL!!!

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[ profile] modmerseygirl asked me how the dance went on Saturday. The short answer is, it went great! I'm sorry, I should have let you all know that before. But my dad and I are struggling with the video clip I wanted to show you, so I can't just throw it up and go "Ta da!" like I meant to. Neither of us are video wizards, unfortunately, so what would take Harold Finch about three seconds to do is taking us days and days. But I'll have it up when I can.

In the meantime -- again, yes, it went great, and thank you all so much for rooting for me! :-)
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I had a long and elaborate dream about Finch and Grace from Person of Interest last night. Basically, he found out she was a secret agent. Freaky. (Probably the fault of all those IMDb posters who suspect something of the sort, though when I'm awake I don't put any stock in those theories at all!)

I hope the actual episode with her will be better than that . . . but after my initial excitement, I'm now getting really nervous about it. I have this feeling it's not going to go well. It's just been that kind of a season.

At least Root wasn't in my dream. I am SO SICK of that smug little brat. I came up with this LOTR analogy the other day, where the Machine is Tolkien's Ring, Finch is Frodo (because he's responsible for it), and Root is Gollum (because she's utterly obsessed with it). Thinking of her as Gollum has made me just barely able to tolerate her . . . but I still hate the way she's taking over the whole freakin' show. And it's probably not going to end any time soon, because rumor has it that Jonah Nolan loves writing for her. I can't imagine why, because she's the most one-note character there ever was, but that's the rumor. Bleah. Why is that TV writers' favorite characters are always the characters I hate??
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First piano lesson tonight with new teacher. I'm sure this guy is good, but it's just reminding me how much I miss my old teacher.

Also, waiting for Person of Interest to kill off my poor dear Fusco tonight, as I'm now about 98 percent sure is going to happen.

Yep. One of those sucky, sucky days.
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Got this meme from [ profile] modernelegance, who is a true artist with gifs. I am not a true artist with gifs -- in truth, I can barely get them to work. But with her encouragement, I'm going to give it another try. Meme (with gifs) under the cut!

Here goes nothing . . . )
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Just wanted to show you all what I ordered with the gift card I won in the Book Riot contest!

Goodies below the cut . . . )
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Someone on Tumblr got to see this scene from the PoI season finale being filmed:

Under the cut )
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Two shows in four days (Person of Interest and Castle) have done North by Northwest shoutouts. Freaky. Do you suppose writers from all the different networks meet in some bar somewhere and toss ideas around?
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(Roughly in order -- I wasn't actually taking notes while watching. ETA: And I should've put that under a cut last night -- sorry! I wasn't exactly thinking straight.)

Spoilers ahoy! )

Oh, come ON

Apr. 4th, 2013 11:46 pm
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Now Person of Interest has to start in with the pet-the-dog moments. And to make it worse, they're LITERAL pet-the-dog moments. As in petting an actual dog.


Mar. 28th, 2013 10:48 pm
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Okay, so this picture of Finch was on Tumblr . . .

Finch phone

And people were saying things like, "Oh, he's got an iPhone 5, he's probably undercover in an Apple store or something."

. . .

Really? Someone can look at that teeny piece of a rectangle and just automatically know it's an iPhone 5? And assume that it's obvious to all?


I'm living in the wrong era. That's all.


Dec. 14th, 2012 09:17 am
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They got Reese!


WHY did he have to go and be so stupid! Hey John, you're a wanted man, so why don't you just go help a couple of dumb kids ROB A BANK!? Idiot!


Nov. 8th, 2012 11:42 pm
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Hurley built a golf course.

Everyone was in grim survival mode, and developing rashes, and going nuts, and Hurley went out and BUILT A GOLF COURSE. A two-hole golf course.

I think I'm in love.

More TV thoughts ahead . . . )

OTP meme

Oct. 29th, 2012 10:53 am
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Power's still with us for now, and the office is closed (though I still need to do some work), so let's have a meme! Thanks to [ profile] allisnow for this one.

Pick three of your OTPs without looking at the questions.

1. Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane

2. Arthur Clennam/Amy Dorrit

3. Harold/Grace (Person of Interest)

Yes, I said OTP. Apparently I am twelve. )
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This is why I'd never make it as a TV writer.

Person of Interest spoilers ahead . . . )


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