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Two things, to be precise. One is about My Fair Lady and the other is about the White Collar series finale. I thought some of you might like to read them!


Nov. 6th, 2014 11:02 am
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--Luke Bryan, who sounds like a Muppet with adenoids, wins CMA Entertainer of the Year, and Chris Young, with the most gorgeous voice in the business, gets no CMA nominations at all. Such is the state of country music.
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Just heard for the first time that Hilarie Burton is on Grey's Anatomy now.

I don't know whether I'm more relieved that she's finally off White Collar, or sorry for the poor Grey's viewers.

(But I think it's the former.)
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Last night's Leverage got me thinking about this. With a little help from Wikipedia (though their list is by no means comprehensive), here are all my shows that have done some sort of takeoff on the movie:

Early Edition
White Collar
Person of Interest

And I'm probably forgetting some. Plus a whole bunch of other shows that I haven't seen. (Maybe some of you have seen versions that I haven't?)

It's fascinating just how pervasive the "disabled person spies on a criminal" trope has become. It may just be our modern version of the "locked room mystery." And it's usually pretty well done, in my experience: White Collar's version, though part of a generally weak season, had some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, while PoI's version was my favorite episode of that show so far. (One could argue that the whole series is a version of Rear Window, but in this instance it was a neat twist having Reese be the disabled person, for a change.) And Leverage's Parker, last night, made a fantastic "Jeff Jeffries," although it's extremely difficult to believe that our acrobatic girl could have injured her leg in the first place!

All I know is, if I ever decide to commit a crime, I'm going to check the neighborhood very carefully first for people with wheelchairs or crutches!

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Boy, has that show come roaring back after a weak season. Last night's episode was a scream! It's not every day that a scene can make you think, "This is so awkward, I don't think I can watch," and "This is so funny I think I'm gonna die!" at the same moment.
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Way to tear my heart in half!!

I think this has become the best show on TV, I honestly do. Psych and Leverage are still awesome; White Collar isn't what it was, but it still has lots of great moments. But this one is just . . . JUST . . . WOW.

(Oh, and [ profile] goldvermilion87[ profile] great_tales is totally getting a "Lion and Lamb" story based on this ep. The challenge might have been tailor-made for it.)
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If you must stand around with your mouth hanging open all the time, could you at least put some food into it now and then? Please? I really don't mean to be judgmental or skinny-shaming or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but honey, how can this be healthy? Or this? A woman is supposed to have someplace to put her ribcage.
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It came to me the other night, in a moment of madness induced by too much television: The best fic universe ever would be a White Collar/Leverage/Person of Interest crossover.

Think about it.

  • Hardison and Finch would become fast friends based on a shared love of hacking and surveillance.
  • Reese and Eliot would become fast friends based on a shared love of violence, though they would probably sustain a long-running argument over whether fists or guns would be preferable in any given situation.
  • Parker would instantly bond with both Neal (a fellow thief) and Mozzie (a fellow veteran of the foster-care system), causing Hardison all kinds of heartburn.
  • Sophie would start a flirtation with Neal, relieving Hardison of at least some of the heartburn. But Nate wouldn't be too thrilled.
  • Peter would probably get caught up in some scenario where he had to simultaneously help Carter and protect Reese. This would throw him together with Fusco, whom he'd despise for being a crooked cop. Elizabeth would try to smooth things over with hot tea and sympathetic conversation, with only partial success.
  • Peter and Nate would have an uneasy friendship where the former would keep trying to pull the latter back from what he saw as the Dark Side. Peter might be a little freaked out by Finch and his machine as well, but unsure on what to base his objections.
  • And at least five of my fictional boyfriends would be in the same place, where I could easily keep track of them.
The problem, of course, would be that I have absolutely no talent for writing plots. I'd have to write tons of little character vignettes and only drop in obscure references to whatever operation they were all involved in, like they do in some episodes of Leverage where they throw out lots of intriguing details about a past con but don't give you the whole story. Also, I think I'm the only one I know who watches all three shows, so drumming up an audience might be a bit of a problem as well.

But golly, it'd be fun!
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Ringer was awful. Revenge was interesting only sporadically. A Gifted Man had terrible characterization.

However, I think Person of Interest is a keeper. There's a touch of Early Edition about the storyline, but with very different characters. When Reese (Jim Caviezel) was warning a man in an elevator that his wife had put a hit on him, I amused myself thinking of the adorably awkward way that Gary Hobson would have carried out a similar mission. There's nothing of the adorably awkward type about John Reese; he has much more of an edge, but he also has deadpan humor and protective instincts and charisma to burn. And looks. Boy oh boy, does he have the looks. Hollywood may have its issues, but at least it can be relied on for a steady supply of eye-candy. :D Caviezel and Michael Emerson are turning out to be a very good team -- maybe not quite on the level of Burke and Caffrey, but still very good. I'd never seen Emerson before, not being a LOSTie, but now I know why people always rave about him. The guy's awesome.

And that's all I've seen of the new TV season.

Oh, and I've dropped House. Dropped it even before the end of last season, though I don't think I mentioned it then. I hated to do it after all these years, but IMO, the shark has been well and truly jumped. As I've said before, it's the rare show that can go on for many years without eventually, pardon my language, taking a dive into the crapper. Fortunately, since Hugh Laurie seems determined to take his music career up a few notches, and since he's also starring in the upcoming Mister Pip, it won't be too hard to find him elsewhere!
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White Collar plus Leverage equals awesome.

(Made by [ profile] rhoboat )

Aw, cute!

Jul. 20th, 2011 09:14 pm
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Someone made a White Collar fanvid set to "Footloose"! (And unless my eyes deceive me, they slipped a tiny bit of The Middleman in there too. Hurray for fellow Natalie Morales fans!)

Special thanks to [ profile] mosinging1986 , who inspired me to go searching for fanvids. I need to do that more often!
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Peter tangoing? Peter beating out Neal at a bachelor auction?? Peter in a tux renewing his vows!? A whole episode centered on Peter and his adorableness?!? Good golly, you'd think I wrote it myself. :D

(Did I mention Peter tangoing?)
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I can't say I like the direction Neal is headed this season -- either in turning back to the Dark Side, or in turning toward Sara. I liked her at first, but now that she's gone all sex-kittenish (and can't seem to keep her mouth from hanging open all the time), she's just dull.

On the other hand, we got Peter in glasses this week AND we're getting Peter in a tux next week. Not to mention Jones in a cowboy hat.

So I guess I can deal.
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On Guard-White Collar

Speaking of fictional boyfriends, Peter in interrogatory mode is making me go all swoony.
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I haven't laughed that hard in WEEKS. Mozzie, I love you.
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When I started seeing online banner ads for the new season of White Collar, all I could think was "WHO is that guy with Neal?" I confirmed it on the USA boards: They tinkered with Peter's face. PETER'S face! This guy right here!

I'll grant you that the horse adds a bit to the hotness factor, but there's still plenty of hotness without it. Peter doesn't have Neal's Greek-god looks, but guess what? He doesn't need them. Men can be handsome in a lot of different ways, and older guys with a little maturity on them can look every bit as good as the younger ones. Better, in a lot of cases. I know I tend to like my actors seasoned-looking, and this one is no exception.

Those dolts who made the ads took away everything that makes Peter look great, and made him into a freaking Ken doll. And that's supposed to be appealing to us.

I rest my case. Hollywood is STUPID.

Get this

Jan. 5th, 2011 08:57 am
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I was looking up the start date of the new season of White Collar (January 18) and saw the title of the first episode: "Burke's Seven." Like "Ocean's Eleven." I. Love. It. I can hardly wait for Peter and Neal -- especially Peter -- to be on my screen again!
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I'm just going to link them here. One is a Tale of Two Cities story. The other -- which I think will be the first of several chapters -- is a White Collar one.
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Because if I could, I would totally make one of Peter pointing that gun and smiling. Awesome.

Also, Mozzie in love!? How adorable was that?


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