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For once in my life, I'm happy about multiple Grammy nominations! (Seriously, this NEVER happens!) Some of my favorite artists and albums and songs this year actually got nominated. Like these:
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Opera is back! By which I mean the Met season is back, and thus the Live in HD broadcasts are back. Not a minute too soon, too. My DVR just went rogue and ate about half my recordings, including a couple of PBS opera broadcasts I really wanted to see. (GRRRRR.) So it was extra-fantastic to get to see Verdi's Macbeth at the movie theater yesterday. I'd never heard or seen it before. That's some spectacular music. And it was interesting to see how closely the libretto followed Shakespeare.

And holy whoa, Anna Netrebko! She was absolutely blow-you-away awesome. Fierce and raw and commanding and sensual and everything Lady Macbeth ought to be, and in amazing voice to boot. It's like the role was written for her. (In addition, her interview at intermission was a hoot! She was so energized and excited, she was bouncing all over the place.) I've always liked her, but now she's even winning over the haters, from what I'm hearing and reading online. It's really nice to see.

If you're into opera at all and you have a free night on Wednesday, try to catch the encore broadcast of this. Or else watch for it to come to PBS (fingers crossed). It's so worth the time.


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