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(. . . no pun intended . . .)

The runners-up to the top 10 list!

One final bow . . . )
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1. "Singin' in the Rain," Singin' in the Rain

Bless you and thank you, Gene, for all the joy over the years. Happy birthday!

ETA: And here's a little something I wrote for Gene today.
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2. "I Like Myself," It's Always Fair Weather

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3. "Almost Like Being in Love," Brigadoon

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4. "Moses Supposes," with Donald O'Connor, Singin' in the Rain

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5. "The Heather on the Hill," with Cyd Charisse, Brigadoon

There's another pas de deux later in the film, to the same music, that I consider a sort of continuation of this number. So I'll post it here as well (you can consider it 5 1/2!).

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6. "Tra-La-La," with Oscar Levant, An American in Paris.

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7. "I Got Rhythm," An American in Paris.

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8. "Long Ago and Far Away," with Rita Hayworth (and Phil Silvers at the piano), Cover Girl.

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9. Newspaper Dance ("You, Wonderful You"), Summer Stock

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Hi guys, I'm back! And I'm very, very tired, and I'm going to bed. :-) My body thinks it's after 2 a.m. right now. But I had a wonderful time, and I'll have links to photos of my trip before too long.

But first I want to get something started. As I mentioned recently, Gene Kelly's 100th birthday is next Thursday, so I'm going to count down with my own personal top ten Gene dance numbers, one every day until the big day. It was HARD to pick just ten; I could easily have done a top twenty. Somehow, though, I managed to narrow it down, so here's #10. Enjoy!

10. "You Were Meant for Me," with Debbie Reynolds, Singin' in the Rain


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