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I hope everyone had a nice day!

And for those of you who celebrate it, a very happy Gilmore Girls Revival Day tomorrow. :-) I can't believe I'm nervous about it. About a TV show! I won't say what I'd like to happen, or what I'd like not to happen, because I've already been through enough Gilmore Girls-related online debates and don't have energy left for any more. I just hope all my favorite characters end up in a good place!
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(Disclaimer: None of the following is in any way meant to insult or offend any of my friends who are members of Team Jess. It's all in good fun. :-) )

That Gilmore Girls cast reunion over the weekend has brought Team Jess back out of the woodwork (not that they ever stay in there for long) and oh, boy, are they raring to go. Again. The following is a recap of basically every conversation I have ever had about Jess Mariano:
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If you happen to find yourself on a TV show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, you might have one or more of the following problems.

  • Your parents ask you whether they look fat, and if they bought you a car, you have to actually look and answer them.
  • Your grandfather wants you to read the paper to him, and he gets upset if you don't get to Gail Collins before he falls asleep.
  • There are no 24-hour tent companies. Also, the best Buddhist mariachi band is always on tour when you need them.
  • You can't bring yourself to say someone's dead, and no matter how hard you try, you can't manage to make a face that effectively conveys the message.
  • You have a name like Boo, Truly, or Hubbell.
  • Old guys you've never met ask you to walk their dogs.
Oh, and then there's that whole thing where you marry a guy you barely know while drunk, and then you find out he lives with his mother, and then he dies in a car accident almost as soon as you get to his home.

On the plus side, though, you and your friends can choreograph, rehearse, and present an original ballet in a single evening.

I liked Gilmore Girls pretty well, and I'm liking Bunheads pretty well, but honestly, this woman's characters lead seriously whacked-out lives.

(ETA: In real life, you might have a problem like your bullet points refusing to behave themselves. Sorry for the messed-up formatting.)


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