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Here's my favorite picture of Jimmy Stewart, in honor of his birthday.

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This post is for the ". . . And Scene!" blogathon at Sister Celluloid's blog.

Try an experiment some time. Bring up the drunk scene from The Philadelphia Story (1940) to a group of classic movie fans (like the folks at #TCMParty on Twitter, for instance) and I can almost guarantee you they'll start trading lines:

"Oh, C. K. Dexter-HAAAVENN!"

And "Champagne is a great leveleleler."

And "C. K. Dexter-Haven, you have unsuspected depth!"

And . . . but I don't want to spoil the whole scene for you. Suffice it to say, this is a well-known, well-loved scene. I would even say it's one of the best comic scenes ever put on film, performed by two great actors at the top of their game and helmed by a director, George Cukor, who excelled at bringing out the best in a cast. And who also, fortunately, encouraged ad libbing.

Which we'll get to in a moment . . . )
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Greatest Stars of the 1940s

After much musing and fretting, I finally went with Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, Claude Rains, Gene Kelly, Jimmy Stewart, Joseph Cotten, Judy Garland, Ingrid Bergman, and Katharine Hepburn.

. . . But I had six or seven runners-up!
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All year BreakPoint has been doing a series of articles on The Films of 1939, considered by many to be Hollywood's greatest year. Naturally, I bagged the best assignment for myself, because I'm the editor and I can do that. ;-) Here's my tribute to one of my favorite films ever, which officially turns 75 today!
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I VERY RELUCTANTLY bought a smartphone recently, for the first time. I had to, because my dumbphone got so old that the Verizon guys just laughed at it when I brought it in for repairs. True, it's very convenient in some ways, but it's a pain in the neck in others.

However . . . I just now figured out how to make this my lockscreen picture.

Jimmy and Carole

. . . So maybe they're not so bad after all!

Movie meme

May. 9th, 2014 12:05 am
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I've been trying to work on some mini-movie reviews, but it's taking forever. In the meantime, have a little meme I just made up! (One or two of you may have seen me playing around with this idea on Twitter).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Put together a film festival for your favorite actor, actress, or director. Classic or contemporary, whatever you prefer. This film festival should be between 10 and 20 hours long, not counting snack and bathroom breaks! Films can be in any order you choose, chronological or otherwise. Tell us a little something about each film.

I picked Jimmy Stewart for mine.

Go get the popcorn )
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As I said in an earlier post, this is a new thing I'm doing for [ profile] movie_greats. Hope you enjoy!

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I did it -- I made my list of the top five performances by actors and top five by actresses. And let me tell you, it was not easy. (Add usual disclaimers about how there are lots of great films I haven't seen, how I may change my mind tomorrow, etc.) I appreciated all the comments on my original post -- they were enjoyable to read and helped me think things through!

So let me give you the lists, and I'll explain a little about my reasoning after that. Going from last to first in each list . . .

Below the cut )
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There's a quaint old Jimmy Stewart melodrama from 1936 called Next Time We Love, which I fell for when I was a teenager. I recently got it as part of a box set, and thought I'd watch it again to see if it was good as I remembered. I really didn't expect it would be.

It was.

Now excuse while I go curl up in the fetal position and sob quietly for a while.
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(I am SO sorry. Somehow I seem to be in a mood for dreadful puns these days.)

If you're a classic movie buff, the Warner Archive Collection is pretty much the greatest site in the history of time. They're putting out all sorts of rare movie and TV classics on DVD. (That is, on DVD-R, which, I'm told, will only play in a DVD player. I don't know why they went that route. Cheaper, maybe?) As [ profile] stillsparkling pointed out the other day, they've got Jimmy Stewart's detective series Hawkinswhich I don't think I ever got to see before.

AND they've got something I've been pining for, literally for decades: The Cross of Lorraine, one of Gene Kelly's few non-musical films.

Gotta love those Irish Frenchmen )
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Interesting! It seems that Citizen Kane is no longer the greatest film ever made -- at least, according to the prestigious Sight & Sound poll. For the first time ever, it's been knocked out of the top spot. This time, Vertigo was voted the greatest film ever made. Articles are here and here. (Watch out for major Citizen Kane spoilers in that second one. If you don't yet know what Rosebud is, I'd hate to be the one to ruin it for you.)

I've always thought that if I had to pick the best film ever made -- the best, objectively speaking, not my favorite -- I would probably go with Casablanca. However, there's the indisputable fact that Vertigo is a Jimmy Stewart film . . . and a darned good one at that. So, I can definitely live with this pick. The fact that it's a Hitchcock film as well is just gravy.

One more thing: I hope it doesn't make me a total philistine that I've always found Sunrise and 2001 -- voted #5 and #6, respectively -- way overrated. I don't care how pretty it is to look at -- aside from the parts with the homicidal computer, 2001 is about as thrilling as watching whiteout dry.
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It's about time I got around to that meme I got from [ profile] sylverwind, like, MONTHS ago. So here we go. She asked me to give my thoughts on libraries, desserts, a favorite outfit, mythical creatures, my love for classic movies, beading, and pet peeves.

Step this way for various ramblings . . . )
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That . . . pretty much blows my mind. I mean, I adore those two (see icon), but can you really see them chasing each other through the sewers??
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Barnes & Noble has a buy one classic, get one free sale (at the moment I'm leaning toward Mister Roberts and Bell, Book and Candle, though Now, Voyager is not completely out of the running). Also a Friday the 13th sale on 13 mystery DVDs. Enjoy!
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As I've just learned, there's nothing like seeing this cute face pop up at the top of your screen to make a bad day better.

(Courtesy of [ profile] jimmydaily)
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If you have any love for Jimmy Stewart, I heartily recommend you join [ profile] jimmydaily. It's one of my very favorite comms, with all kinds of lovely Jimmy photos and other bits of memorabilia. Below the cut are a couple of the best pictures that I've snagged from there.

This way to the cuteness . . . )
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If you somehow happened to be inside my head while I've been planning out and preparing next spring's garden, you might have heard something like this:

"No, idiot, you are NOT buying the Scarlet Pimpernel tulips just because they're named after the Scarlet Pimpernel. You don't even like the things. They're weird-looking."

"Okay, as long as I can buy the Fidelio tulips."

"They're just yellow and red tulips. You can buy yellow and red tulips anywhere that are cheaper than that."

"Yeah, but are they named after Beethoven's only opera?"

"All right. Fine. You can buy the Fidelio tulips. As long as you don't buy the Jimmy tulips just because they're called Jimmy. They're orangey-red, and you wanted plain red. And no, they're not named after Jimmy Stewart."

"Are you sure?"


And that was even before I found the Pickwick crocuses.
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There's a lovely birthday tribute to Jimmy Stewart here, at [ profile] jimmydaily . Enjoy! And if you're a fan, you might consider joining. It's a great community, devoted to a great man.

ETA: Oh, I didn't realize the post was locked! Sorry.

I don't think they'll mind if I share a couple of quotes from it: 

"I've always hurt inside when I've met somebody truly lonely. Even with my dogs. ... That's why I always have two of them about the same age--so they can keep each other company. I have been told by people who know a helluva lot more about dogs than I do that they're not capable of loneliness. But I just don't believe it. I think every living creature is capable of feeling left out and I almost took it as a duty for one creature to watch out for another."

-- Jimmy Stewart

"I think it would be true to say that Jim actually has gone out of his way many times to be particularly attentive to me. The more beautiful and glamorous his leading lady was, the more attention he paid to me. I asked him once why he did that, and he said, 'Because I want you to never feel anything less than the most special thing in my life'."

-- Gloria Stewart (they were married for 44 years)

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Notice a pattern here? Yesterday our featured actors included Grant, Stewart, Bergman, and Rains; today our featured actors include Grant, Stewart, Bergman, and Rains.

But today Grant and Stewart are in different movies, each with Rains as supporting actor. Which is a nice arrangement, because when you're not swooning over either Cary or Jimmy, you can be swooning over Claude. (Ohhh, Claude . . . )

#4 & #3 )


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